Any use to have old macbook?

I found an old macbook from 2007 (date on the device) that at the login screen says OS 10 X, Some simple google searches and I see it won’t easily run Catalina. I don’t know the logins. Wondering if it has any use, or if it should be dumpstered.

I’m using Win 10 to build apps right now. Since we’re on the subject of old macbooks, Is there any reason I would ever, using AppStudio, etc. that I would need a macbook to create iOS apps?

I do remember this was discussed a lot before VoltBuilder was released (and thank God you’all did).

You will need a Mac to run Transporter to upload an iOS app to the AppStore but I’m not sure what the minimum OS requirement is for Transporter. You can also use MacInCloud for it… their $30 pay by the hour is what I have used for 3+ years. Other than that, if you ever want an app on the iOS share menu, you’ll have to have a Mac for that but otherwise voltbuilder works perfectly.

Don’t I also need a mac to get the UUID from iOS devices for app testing (using iTunes I believe).

Any other use for a macbook that makes iOS development easier?

No, you can get the UDID from iTunes on Win10. Once your phone is plugged in and has started syncing click in the little phone icon and it’ll give you the about page. Just click on the serial number a few times and it will rotate through various stuff including the UDID. You can also get the UDID from your USB device driver settings.