App crashing only on iPad

Hi guys,

runs fine on iPhone Mac web ( safari Firefox & chrome )

It fails on my iPad Air 16GB. ( This web page was reloaded because a problem occurred )

I have cleared the cache restarted the iPad.

Anyone else seeing this ?

How do I trace the problem ?


Steve Warby

Just tried it here on an iPad and got the same message. It takes a while to load. How many megs of images are loading?

In safari it shows 8 megs.

Does it work fine with small images?

I am doing an Ajax call and loading 3 X of these ‘matter port’ visualisations.

<iframe width="100%" height="700" frameborder="0" id="landingmap" src=";play=1&amp;brand=0&amp;help=0&amp;mls=0&amp;qs=1"></iframe>

I have restricted this to 1 of these and it does not crash. So I presume it is this that is killing safari on iPad.

I will have to plan it differently.

I’ll load some images for the 3 different matter ports then open a form to play them.


Steve Warby