App Disabled when run on browser


Why am I getting this on some of my app (not all) when deployed to VoltServer?

App Disabled

Are you using the demo?

If you are using the demo, your apps are up for an hour after you deploy. After that, you’ll need to deploy again. It can take 30 seconds after deploy for your app to be reenabled.

If you subscribe, your app will not be disabled.

Or has your subscription lapsed?

If so, we will keep your app online for 30 days. If you renew your subscription within that time, it will automatically be enabled.

Sign up here to re-enable your app.

It could be a problem on our server. We’ll check it out.

Server looks good. If this is still happening, can you send me a screenshot of your AppStudio About screen?

Already sent to you using your email. Thanks

Thanks - no problem there.

Can you give me the URL? Also, try clearing the cache in your browser.

Thanks- Now it is running as expected.

I am getting back the some problem.

Can you give it another try now?

It is ok now