App icon is not displayed

My app doesn’t display its icon. It displays appstudio icon. It displayed its icon with Appstudio ver 7 but, I moved to ver 8 and it is not displayed anymore. I’m using Appstudio

Where do I have to include this icon? I’ve tried with .project directory, phonegap directory, including this at config.xml:

<platform name = 'android'>
    <icon src="rowbreaker128.png" gap:platform="android" minVersion="2.1" />

But it display appstudio icon.

By the way, if I run my application directly on the PC browser, the app icon is displayed.

Any idea?


Support for PhoneGap has many changes and improvements in AppStudio 8. Read about them here:

Thank you. It is working now with 1024x1024 icon.

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