App Icon Quality


When I deploy my app using Phonegap and download and install the android file into my phone, the apps icon quality looks very bad.

please see attached icon that I use and xml code (I have 6 different sizes of the attached):

<!-- Icons -->
<icon src='{icon}' />

<platform name = 'android'>
    <icon src='res/icons/android/ldpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='ldpi' />
    <icon src='res/icons/android/mdpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='mdpi' />
    <icon src='res/icons/android/hdpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='hdpi' />
    <icon src='res/icons/android/xhdpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='xhdpi' />
    <icon src='res/icons/android/xxhdpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='xxhdpi' />
    <icon src='res/icons/android/xxxhdpi.png' platform='android' qualifier='xxxhdpi' />


I solved it.
I changed the “Qualifier” to “density”.

best regards.

Thanks - we’ll update our samples as well.

While you’re at it… if you look at the compile logs you’ll see some “errors.” Those “errors” really don’t prevent the app from being built but are acting as defacto warning messages and to make those messages go away you have to make some minor tweeks to the config.xml. See this thread.

Will do - thanks!

@JAMAL3F See suggestions - density - at topic

Blockquote Source path does not exist: icons/android/ldpi.png?

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