App no longer runs in Airplane mode

I have 2 Apps with very similar structure using sqlite. The older one, originally written under AppStudio 7.x runs fine in offline mode. The newer one written under 8.x fails to load sqlite without a network connection.

The older app has been re-built under the latest AppStudio version and still works fine. Both apps appear to be trying to get to the following URL: It still works without this in the older app (cached?), but not the new one.

The only other obvious result of this (besides sqlite failing?!) is the disappearance of the camera icon and therefore no way of taking a photo in the new app while offline.


The camera icon comes from fontawsome, which is why it does not show up.

Have a look in the Application tab in Google Dev Tools. In the Cache section, look at Cache Storage. It should list all the files which are cached.

Will do - Thanks!

My bad. I conflated two different problems.

External reference to fontawesome site acknowledged and accepted.

Other issue of no Sqlite access in airplane mode was actually not reading the documentation which recommends check of Deviceready before using sqlite Cordova plugin.

Solved. Now able to access sqlite database in offline mode.