App Not Installed Error after using VoltBuilder without Certificate

My issue is similar to Robert_Suranyi’s issue… That’s why I used almost the same title.

I need to build a few Andoid apps for my customers only. I do NOT want to submit them to Google store. So, I just wanted to build them as debug app build mode. I built two apps, one installs on my Kindle Fire without issue (I installed and deleted it a couple of times). The other however seems to want to update an existing app and I get the message App Not Installed. Neither app had been installed on the device before.

I suspect this is a certificate issue. I would ask, do I need to get a google certificate and 2 if so, do I need a different certificate for each app? Is it possible to build different apps using the debug builds that get installed on the same device?

I have the log and apk file for the one that doesn’t install if that would help.

If it’s a debug build, no certificate is used.

Does your reply mean the certificate plays no part as to whether or not an Android apk app can be installed. It doesn’t matter if it’s debug or certificated build. What I don’t understand is this: Why does the device think the app is already installed and wants to update it? Thanks.

Are you sure you don’t have another app with the same package name (something like etc)