App Store & Google Play Procedures

I’m using AppStudio to build native apps using Voltbuilder.

Could someone please point me to the documentation that describes the required steps?

I will also be using TestFlight and would like to know those steps too.

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If I’m using AppStudio, where do I enter this information?

The documentation:

  1. VoltBuilder.json: Add these lines to your voltbuilder.json (substitute your values).
  "itunesAccount": "",
  "itunesAppPassword": "wxyz-ymul-hbqn-xxxx",

You should also check that you are building a release build for the App Store.

  "release": "release",
  "iosPackageType": "app-store",

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It all goes into Properties…

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I just paid for my Apple Developer Program account and look forward to submitting my first app. I have a few questions though:

  1. I’m a hobby programmer and don’t have a company website, but it appears that it is required both for support and to display your privacy policy. Is there an inexpensive approach to do this? I’m assuming all I will need is a single splash page.

  2. The Upload to iTunes App Store Connect instruction is a bit sparse on details with regards to how to get to the “Prepare for Submission” status. Is there a tutorial available that can lead me through those steps?

I am in the same programmer category as you.

I have learned:

NSB Appstudio as discussed above takes care of the majority of the work. The parameters that the App Store needs are entered into properties in AppStudio.

You need an Apple Developer Account to have the credentials on the App Store side.

Use Voltsigner, it’s amazing.

With AppStudio you can use iOS debug and get the bugs out of your code.
With AppStudio you can use iOS release to upload directly to the AppStore

With AppStudio you can use Android debug and get the bugs out of your code.
With Appstudio, I created a release/.aab file and uploaded it manually; with some work AppStudio can upload it for you. The manual method was simple.

The AppStudio/Voltbuilder environment is an AMAZING DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT!!!


Use to to do app testing on lots of devices (iOS and Android). You simply upload the ipa or apk debug files and run them.

Don’t think that you can use the “Field of Dreams Model” (If you build it, they will come). There are over 1.5 million app on the AppStore. You need to advertise and drive people there. Use a website, Facebook Ads and whatever else you can find.

Checkout I use Nicepage to make a simple HTML website ( It is truly a drag and drop environment and very simple to use.

I use as my hosting service. It is reasonably priced and has all the tools you need to have a good/secure website.

Find a good graphics editor Photoshop etc. The App Stores require high quality graphics of very specific sizes.

I hope this is helpful.

It has taken me quite a while to get everything done; Family Medical Diary is a native app that uses SQLite. There were lots of things to learn.

George and his team are wonderful and always willing to help!!!

I am by no means an expert, but I am an example of someone who, without a great deal of programming expertise, was able to persevere and realize a dream I’ve had for years.

I would be glad to share anything else I’ve learned.

You can do it!!


@Warren_Sundet, thanks for the kind words. I’ll pass them on to the team here!

I went to your web site, excellent. I noticed the credits you gave for the CSS Templates. I like seeing this. In my apps I also give credit to AS as well.

Will you consider a version to run on a PC as in a WebApp? I haven’t gotten your app yet but do intend to. If it is data input intensive (as in using the keyboard) I find PCs are the best for this. When I get your app I’ll run it in Blue Stacks. That might be good enough.

Thanks, John

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Yes it can be intensive! The app is intentionally designed with LOTS of dropdown menus to minimize typing while at the same time allowing for OTHER so that it can still be entered if it is not in the list.

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