App studio 8.5 release (2)

I remove my html eula,now able to start in desktop browser.cant pref,cant about.didnt find the log language was set to singapore. I change to us,same problem.cant android debug,hang at uploading,dont know is it becase of cny holiday period.

This is the same problem as on the main 8.5 thread. We’re working on getting this fixed quickly. In the meantime, let me know if you need to go back to 8.4.

Cny here,can wait.

Same issue here. Just updated to from 8.4 and Preferences and About won’t open as well. On Windows 10. No hurry as I can wait too.

As the original post suggests, you’ll need to do a complete uninstall and then reinstall. Be sure to copy your key from the about screen before starting. The original post for the release gives a reference on how to uninstall completely and also tells of why this is happening.

No problems here with I always uninstall before I install a new version. Did not need a complete uninstall as suggested.

I always do a standard uninstall for each update. Will try again with a complete uninstall first.

@JohnnyLee, did you get my PM with a beta build to try?

Yes, I replied to the email. Same issue, No Preferences or About. Also just did the complete uninstall process and still have the same issue.

EDIT: Beta build is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s help. We just uploaded 8.5.1 - it should fix the problem with the About and Preferences screens not showing.

The underlying problem was a disagreement between two deeply embedded libraries being maintained by different groups, which caused a date function not to work. We worked around it. Hopefully, they sort the mess out some day.