Apple goes after clones and spam on the App Store


Hello George,

I have been using nsbasic since the first time it came available, all my customer apps are created with this tool and wrapped with PhoneGap Build.

Today I started to be concerned about the new apple guidelines for the App Store:

I would appreciate your comment on this, thank you very much for your time and attention.

Salvador Romero


They are after blatantly generated apps.

The phrase “egregiously use templates to deliver software”.

If your app is created with purpose and thought behind it, it will not be removed.

Regarding the mention of PhoneGap, understand that it actually generates a valid Xcode project file and makes use of UIWebView.

I would not worry about this one bit.


it sounds good, thank you!


Cayocoder is right - nothing to worry about here.

They’re working on shutting down apps which are blatant copies of others, or simply wrap an existing web page and pretend to be a real app. It’s a good idea - these kinds of apps just clutter the store with trash.

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