Application icon not working

Using version
I added an icon to my project’s directory.
I added the name of the icon to the extraFiles list.
I added the name to the project’s icon property.
And the icon didn’t show up on the application on my phone.
I can’t seem to find anywhere how it explains how to replace the default huge app icon.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you running as a VoltBuilder app, a Home Screen app or a web app?

It’s built through VoltBuilder as an .apk file.
Then I install it on my phone.

In Project Properties, in the VoltBuilder section, you can specify the Icon and Splashscreen. Do you have those set?

I have now.
But I noticed that when I open my app the splash screen is huge on my phone, much bigger than my screen.
The sizes in the VoltBuilder and Cordova properties icon (1024) and splash (2732) sections I assume are in pixels?

Yes, the sizes are in pixels. They should be square.