Applications generated in phone gap

I have two applications generated in phonegap, everything is fine, only when I want to install them on the same mobile android, only one of them leaves me, but not both, why will this happen?
I have verified using different phonegap ids, different titles, but the same thing that I told you is still happening. What is wrong?

Do they their .nsx files have the same name?

No, they are differents, what is true is that one is copy of the other, that is, the app B is copy of A and in B app i changed the Phonegap id and the title of the app, this may be generating the problem?

That’s the problem. The two apps have the same ‘id’ since one was copied from the other.

Try doing a “Save As” to a new name on one of them.

George Henne

When i made B app from A app, this was made using the “Save AS” with a new name, after, i change the id phonegap and title in B app.

You can also set the id in Project Properties…PhoneGap…configxml.

It is in line 5. Set it to a string like

id = "com.myCompany.Project1"

Yes!, that was the solution, thank you very much!


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