AppPresser Integration


I have a wordpress site that I am making a mobile app for using It’s a nice hybrid solution because it allows the people creating content and using the WordPress admin to really edit everything from the backend. That said, there are always features that I would rather add to the app that AppPresser doesn’t currently support. I was wondering if anyone here has ever leveraged NSBasic to extend an AppPresser application. If so can you talk about how you did it. Thanks!


I had a look at AppPresser. I don’t think this is possible. Both AppPresser and AppStudio manage the job of creating the app, so they’re mutually exclusive.

AppPresser provides a way of customizing a shell which displays WordPress content. It’s pretty high level, which means it is easy to use, but limited in capability (compared to AppStudio).

You could do the whole project in AppStudio without AppPresser. WordPress has an API - you could use that to get information from your WordPress site, then display it in your AppStudio app.