AppStudio 7.3.1 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 7.3.1 has been released.

This release is mostly housekeeping. A few bugs have been squashed, links updated and the offline Wiki has been improved.

Projects which are JavaScript only will be a bit smaller - we’ve moved the BASIC-specific functions to a separate module which isn’t loaded if it isn’t needed.

Here’s what is new and fixed in the new release:

  1. BS4: Alert: Allow multiline value
  2. BS4: Label.text can be used - same as Label.value.
  3. BS4: Select control: value of 0 now works properly.
  4. BS4: Warning if mixed BS3 or jQM controls when control added.
  5. Deploy: Pure JavaScript apps no longer include BASIC functions (smaller deploy)
  6. Deploy: hfunc.js split into appstudioFunctions.js and basicFunctions.js
  7. IDE: Change company branding
  8. IDE: Change links to
  9. IDE: Save As with manifest file set to "nocache" fixed.
  10. IDE: Update slogan
  11. Installer: Better method of loading tkinter.
  12. jQM: jqmList now includes fastclick.js in the project.
  13. Register: Improve "need to update" message.
  14. Samples: ElectronWeather updated.
  15. Samples: Improve button appearance in Datatables sample.
  16. Toolbox: Some autocomplete hints fixed.
  17. Wiki: Offline wiki updated with latest docs
  18. Wiki: Offline search fixed.

The easiest way to get the update is on the Help menu – “Check for Updates…”

Could it be that 7.3.1 changed something affecting my javascript code calculating dates using DateAdd? Previous version worked. With version 7.3.1 and unchanged code the debugger stops with error at DateAdd. I might find another solution with momentjs. But I am afraid that more than DateAdd is affected by version 7.3.1?

Yes, it could cause a problem.

DateAdd is a BASIC function, not JavaScript. If the rest of your project is all JavaScript, the BASIC functions are no longer loaded.

The easy workaround is to add another form to the app. Set its language to BASIC, and the library with DateAdd will be included.

I was aware of this. Followed the rule that one should not touch a running system. AppStudio let it work fine for years, even in elsewhere pure Javascript code, until 7.3.1 i.e. March 23. I repaired several lines of code with momentjs functions. I fear that there are more side effects by 7.3.1 waiting in other projects when I check or try to update them.

momentjs functions are much better than the BASIC date functions (which work the same way as VB), especially if time zones are an issue.

We did a lot of testing for this change. We hope we caught everything, but if problems appear we will react quickly.

This change removes 68K of code from JavaScript projects.

Less code certainly is good news. It means some compensation for the additional code included with momentjs etc. And I take comfort in having modernized outdated code :slight_smile:

We’ve just uploaded The BASIC library of functions can now be added to JavaScript projects if desired: