AppStudio 8.0.3 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.0.3 has been released.

This release fixes a couple of problems and tidies up a few things.

Here’s what is new and fixed in the new release:

  1. PWA: 'disablePWA' is now called 'Make PWA?'
  2. PWA: Test new variable NSB.PWA if see if running as a PWA.
  3. PWA: If not running as a PWA, don't initialize PWA.
  4. esLint: Handles Windows line ending properly.
  5. Design Screen: Problem with deleting controls which have been cut and pasted fixed.
  6. Samples: Fix JavaScript version of Camera sample.
  7. BS4 themes: Fix spelling of Lumen.
  8. BS4 themes: Paper and Readable shouldn't have been listed.
  9. BS4 themes: Litera and Sketchy added.
  10. Libraries: Updates to Python, Node, obfuscater, eslint and more.

The easiest way to get the update is on the Help menu – “Check for Updates…”

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Mac download link is 404.

Give it another try. Dropbox changed the link on us - should be fine now.

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After installing ver 8.0.3 when opening my project file my forms jumble up and getting the following message

Any idea what went wrong?

In 8.0.3, we had to rename lumin to lumen - it was spelled incorrectly. Are you using this theme? You should be able to change it in Project Properties in the Framework section.

Thanks George