AppStudio 8.2 Beta 2 available

AppStudio 8.2 Beta 2 is ready for download. It’s primarily an update to VoltBuilder support. Important changes are:

  • Queuing: No more server busy messages.
  • Better UI: As the job progresses, you can see its status. If you want to go do something else, close the status screen. The job will continue processing. You can use Get VoltBuilder Status to see the job or download it.

Beta 2 fixes a number of issues from Beta 1.

Give it a try, and let us know if there are any problems.




Fine now with affirmation that it is downloaded.

The QR code opens the browser at my device and tells me that something is copied to the clipboard. Seems that the apk is not yet downloaded to a download folder. I might think that in previous versions (or with another tool like expo??) I got a further message, that the apk ist downloaded to the device and that I can open it and install. Would be wonderful if this could be provided here as well. My current procedure for testing is to go to File explorer, send the apk by email, download the apk with Samsung email and install the apk to the device. MS Outlook did not allow to install an app sent by email.

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll look into this.

I just tried to scan the QR code which the PhoneGap Build website shows using the Galaxy S10 camera app which has a scan symbol. Same experience as with VoltBuilder. Then I activated “QR-Code scannen” app. This opened the camera view immediately and I could scan the QR code successfully with download. I am afraid this is only a special problem with doing the right steps using S10.