AppStudio 8.3 Beta

AppStudio 8.3 Beta 1 is ready for testing. We’d like to get some people to try it before release.

The biggest change is that you won’t see the word PhoneGap anymore. With Adobe shutting the PhoneGap service down, there is no need for it.



As usual, let us know if you spot anything unusual!

OK. VoltBuilder w/o problems except the reported circumstances I have until I get the QR code to an installed app.
Are there things we can remove from PhoneGap settings which are not needed for VoltBuilder?

I thought we removed them - where did you see some still?

Yes, I am afraid there are still things that could be more transparent.

a) Config.xml still contains my lines which seem specially related to PGB. This is my first reason for the question.
b) Werkzeuge/Tools, Voreinstellungen/Preferences, VoltBuilder shows this:


Wie finde ich mein Auth Token


links to PhoneGap Auth_Token, while my PGB Token which had been entered has disappeared.
Do I now need an API Certificate? Or can I still use the PGB token? Where?

Thank you. Just cosmetic.

No need for an auth token yet. All Appstudio submissions will work.

Other than the comment above about the voltbuilder cert and the help link, I don’t see phonegap in the program.

PhoneGap is still all over the wiki, etc. but I assume you’re not to that point yet. As far as software, menus, etc., voltbuilder looks good.

Either you’all just added the videos on the help menu, or I missed them before. I’ll have to watch.

There are sample projects containing “PhoneGap” in project names:

Thanks - these items will be resolved in updates.

Today I did another test build with VoltBuilder. I expected a package indicating that it is something like photov.apk (title,ID in config.xml).

In the folder I had selected for output there is an apk file only to be identified by date and time of build.

Additionally appeared a file within the project folder with a similar time stamp but about double the size of the apk:

Wasn’t it intended to give the apk a recognizable / unique name?

Why is saved at all – double size of apk - and saved in the project folder instead of the output folder?

OK, if intended. I thought I should mention this when testing a beta version.

Downloaded successfully to device and installed via clipboard to address line in browser as before.

Beta 2 has been released.

It cleans up some of the UI elements which referenced PhoneGap and renames all the samples.

The download filename now defaults to the app’s actual name.

Download URLs are the same. More improvements coming…

Thanks. Wonderful with the app’s actual name.

Beta is now complete - please do not try to download or use it.

Updated. Works fine. Thank you.