AppStudio 8.4 Beta

AppStudio 8.4 Beta 1 is ready for testing. We’d like to get some people to try it before release.

The biggest change is that Make Native App with VoltBuilder is now hooked into VoltBuilder’s billing system. VoltBuilder has been free for AppStudio users for the past few months: we now have to institute a charge. (It’s not a cheap service to run!)

If you’re on an AppStudio Essential Subscription, you can get a discounted price on the VoltBuilder Indy Plan. If you’re on an AppStudio Pro subscription, there is no additional charge for VoltBuilder.

Here’s is what is new:

  1. Build using VoltBuilder now hooked into VoltBuilder billing.
  2. Preferences: VoltBuilder panel now accepts API Credentials.
  3. Preferences: Links changed to buttons to fix MacOS issue.
  4. About: New Deregister button removes serial number from copy.
  5. References to PhoneGap removed.
  6. Bootstrap: Updated to 4.5.3.
  7. DataTables: Updated to latest version (different modules).
  8. Libraries: Upgraded to Python 3.8.



As usual, let us know if you spot anything unusual!

To use VoltBuilder from AppStudio, AppStudio needs to have information about your VoltBuilder account so you can use the service. Here’s how to get that information.

I did not use any plug in. using voltbuilder info, I del cordona_plugin_wkwebview_engine;a few lines in config.the debug built is successful. When I try to built another debug app. It says daily quota reached.

We’re adding cordova_plugin_wkwebview_engine into the base list of plugins, so this won’t have to be removed in the future.

If you have not signed up for a VoltBuilder plan, it defaults to the Free Plan, which has a maximum of 4 builds per day:

We’re about to go live with this. Not long after, 8.3 will no longer work with VoltBuilder, due to some upgrades to the server.

If you are using VoltBuilder, it would be smart to try the new version now.

I’m hesitant to do so because the build requires sign up for a separate VoltBuilder plan for IOS builds that, as a hobbyist, would be financially unsustainable on top of my current separate AppStudio subscription.
Any news on how to swap from my current base level AppStudio plan to the AppStudio Essential plan with the combined AppStudio/VoltBuilder for both Android and IOS? Do I just cancel the original subscription and start a new plan?

If you’re on the AppStudio Essential plan, you get a discount on the VoltBuilder Indy plan - it’s $9.95 instead of $15. Make sure you use the link in AppStudio Preferences to get to VoltBuilder.

Running and administering servers like these isn’t cheap, unfortunately. We also had to put in a lot of work to get them programmed and running. Luckily, we can spread the costs over a much wider base than just AppStudio users.

Let me know if you have questions!

Hi. Thanks.
I certainly have had working experience of the cost of running and administering servers in my working life so I know what you face. I also appreciate the effort and skill continually going into improving AppStudio and VoltBuilder.
On simple calculations though (unless as usual I’ve missed something), it seems to make more sense for someone like me to re-purchase AppStudio Essential (on the site at US$15.00 per month including VoltBuilder and IOS support) than extend my current AppStudio Essential at US$9.95 a month by adding VoltBuilder at another US$9.95 for a total of US$19.90 a month.

Ah - the price matrix on the AppStudio pricing plans has not been updated yet. It will be by the time 8.4.0 is released.

…and just a note that the link from the Preferences tab still shows US$15.00 for the Indy plan (at least from this side of the world:))!