AppStudio 8.5.4 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.5.4 has been released.

It resolves a few issues with 8.5. It also cleans up the interface with VoltServer - it should be easier to log in and use.

Here is what is new and changed in 8.5.3:

  1. BS4 Input: Add new Datetime-local input type.
  2. Code Window: fix 'async function' in function list
  3. Code Window: fix error in building function list
  4. Cordova: Improve some descriptions.
  5. Electron: Start app issue on Mac OS fixed.
  6. Local Deploy: Skip the confirm message.
  7. MacOS: Notarization now works - New installs should be much more smooth.
  8. Node: Updated to 14.16.1
  9. Preferences - VoltServer: Default email to registered email.
  10. Preferences - VoltServer: Disable unusable buttons.
  11. Preferences: Create new VoltServer account goes to correct page
  12. Preferences: Put VoltBuilder and VoltServer tabs in order.
  13. Runtime: Import large SQLite databases fixed on iOS web apps.
  14. Samples: Fix TwoForms sample
  15. VoltServer - clear voltID and voltDomain when loading samples.
  16. VoltServer - Dashboard: Update to Bootstrap 4.
  17. VoltServer: Default email to registered email if not set up in Prefs.
  18. VoltServer: Erase account information when license is deactivated.
  19. VoltServer: Give a better message if account not set up properly.
  20. VoltServer: Pass email address to Forgot Password dialog.
  21. Windows: Window 10 is now required. (Windows 7 is EOL by Microsoft)

Breaking change: Windows 7 is no longer supported. Microsoft dropped support for Windows 7 a while ago. Now, the libraries we use to build AppStudio are dropping support for Windows 7.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site.

After downloading and installing I’m still getting :-
“You are using Your version is out of date.”
I even uninstalled first…
The file I’m installing is 73,021KB for ref

Give it another try. We needed to nudge the server.