Appstudio Electron

Hi Guys,

Make Desktop App for Distribution using election - does not create new installation exe, the process completes very quickly flashing on screen npm windows with no messages. The AppStudio logs contains no errors.

I have reverted back as this works fine.

Thank you.

Thanks - looks like a dependancy issue. We’ll look into this right away.

I just tried it here and it seemed to work OK.

Could you try deleting the electron folder in your project and trying again? This will force a fresh load of all the libraries.

I have tried that, it recreates the electron folder and all subfolders but does not create the subfolder “dist”.


No errors anywhere

Can you zip your project directory (minus the electron folder) and send it to me? I’d like to try it here.

I have observed the same thing. Fast, but no dist file using
Using takes longer, and the dist file is created. Works perfectly

Good news! We’re able to reproduce this here. No need to send projects.

Looks like we have a fix. It was a change to a dependent library.

The new build should be up this morning.

Found another problem in final testing. We’re still working on this.

We’ve just uploaded, which seems to fix this. More libraries were out of sync.

Give it a try. You might want to delete the electron folder in your project and do a complete uninstall of AppStudio first (so there are no old libraries left around).

Thank you fix works…

Hi, I am on Mac, Run desktop App using Electron, working but Make Desktop App for distribution using Electron successfully created dist folder but .dmg file no where to be seen. Any body having this problem?

Solved. I forgot to include the icons folder in extraFiles.

I dont know the name ,format and location of desktop electron app.can anyone enlightened me.cause all my desktop electron app is nsb icon.thanks in advance…best rdgs,tst