AppStudio 8.5.5 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.5.5 has been released.

It resolves a few issues with 8.5. It also cleans up the interface with VoltServer - it should be easier to log in and use.

Here is what is new and changed in 8.5.5:

  1. Project Properties: New androidPackageType to build .aab files
  2. BS4: Fix problem with icons and i18n.
  3. Installer: PyInstaller updated to 4.5
  4. Libraries: lots of updates!
  5. Runtime: Don’t output anything if no fontfamily on body.
  6. Runtime: Javascript ValueOf was calling a BASIC function.
  7. Runtime: remove redundant line in asStyle.css
  8. Runtime: remove some unneeded debugging
  9. Samples: update Barcode sample.(Thanks, LotsOfCows!)
  10. SQLImport: fix NSB.overwriteNever when using SQLite plugin.
  11. SQLite: fix error in error trapping function.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site .

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New Projekts doesn’t work anymore. Neither in Basic nor in Javascript. Tryed different sizes, nothing works.

Just tried this on a few systems here without problems. Can you give more details? What are you doing? What happens?

Just click on New Project. Then, the dialog comes. I hit on the button and nothings happens. I use Windows 10.

Can you go to the About screen and do View Log?

I’ve got an issue when I try to move the contols, explorer or properties windows the app just bombs out. Windows 11, clean install

Thanks for sending me the log!

Appears to be working well on my various systems .(Mac Big Sur and PC versions (Win 10 and 11)) :+1:

We just uploaded a beta which should solve the drag and crash issue on Windows:

2021-09-12 10:37:45,473 - JFormat - ERROR - TOOLBOX/PROJECT BUG! FIX ME!
2021-09-12 10:37:45,473 - JFormat - ERROR - borderWidth.isdigit()
2021-09-12 10:37:45,473 - JFormat - ERROR - ‘int’ object has no attribute ‘isdigit’
2021-09-12 10:37:46,223 - JFormat - ERROR - TOOLBOX/PROJECT BUG! FIX ME!
2021-09-12 10:37:46,223 - JFormat - ERROR - borderWidth.isdigit()
2021-09-12 10:37:46,223 - JFormat - ERROR - ‘int’ object has no attribute ‘isdigit’
2021-09-12 10:38:13,265 - root - ERROR - An exception has occurred!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1570, in OnMenuFileNewprojectMenu
File “”, line 2440, in NewProject
File “”, line 225, in makedirs
PermissionError: [WinError 5] Zugriff verweigert: ‘C:\Program Files\NSB AppStudio\samples\BASIC\3. Controls\jqWidgets\Project1.appstudio’

@perby, can you give more information about this log? Is it reproducible? Are you getting any error messages?