AppStudio Android .debug = Works .release = Don't work

I have an app which runs fine when I build a debug version, however it does not work as expected when I build a release version.

I am building with Voltbulder and within my app I load an RSS feed using FeedEK.js, the feed does not load in the release version of the app.

Works fine on iOS.

As a test I have just rebuilt an existing app which was originally built with a previous version of AppStudio which was loading the RSSFeed ok, I rebuilt the same app with AppStudio and the RSS feed does not load.

So far I have tested on various Android devices and OS versions, .debug = all works,

OS 5.0.2 = Don’t work
OS 5.1.1 = Unexpected token “(”
OS 7.0 = Don’t work
OS 8.1.0 = Works.

Does any one have an idea why ajax would not work on release but does work on debug? I need it to work on older devices.

SOLVED: SSL certificate on

Looks like we have no choice but to drop support for Android OS < 7.1.1