AppStudio Released!

We’re pleased to announce that has been released.

It’s main purpose is to update AppStudio to work with the latest features of VoltBuilder.


  • Android: AppStudio can now build for Android 12. It will do so by default for new project. Existing projects will need updates to the config.xml in Project Properties - VoltBuilder. Here’s more information.

  • iOS: There is a new property called iTunesShortName in Project Properties - VoltBuilder. Some project may need this: Here’s more information.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site .

Hi guys

I followed the instructions and put it into cordova.json (there is no voltbuilder.json in appstudio)
but still with the error message
Follow the prints, what am i doing wrong?



The correct place to set this is in the iTunes

ShortName property: