AppStudio 8.5.8 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.5.8 has been released.

It resolves a few issues with 8.5 and updates a number of underlying libraries.

  1. Bootstrap 4: Fix padding on Label
  2. Bootstrap 4: Modals - fix bug with 2 modals
  3. Design Screen: Improve selecting controls on newer versions of MacOS.
  4. Design Screen: Improve stability by fixing internal error
  5. Licensing: Use new ALS licensing system
  6. Samples: Fix how video source works
  7. Samples: Remove whitelist plugin
  8. Samples: Update Camera Sample permissions for VoltBuilder
  9. SQLImport: Fix initialization of SQL on VoltBuilder jobs
  10. SQLImport: Fix timing issue when importing
  11. VoltBuilder: Add flag to build for Xcode 13
  12. VoltBuilder: Add support for Android 12
  13. VoltBuilder: Add verbose property
  14. Copyright updated to 2023
  15. Libraries: Many updates to dependent libraries.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site.

Hi All,

Here is an important note in regards to Items 9 and 10 from the list.

When using the “cordova-sqlite-evcore-extbuild-free” plugin be aware that…
“This plugin does not support the database creation callback or standard database versions. Please read the Database schema versions section below for tips on how to support database schema versioning.”

This means that you need to be careful on how you set the extraFiles parameter in the Projects Properties and Global Functions. Specifically, the overwrite parameter for Database instantiation.
eg. Database.db,DB,initDB,{overwrite}
Since there is no database versioning, there is only 2 choices to make when setting the parameter.

  1. If you want the SQLite Database to persist (with any changes or updates made via the running app) between restarts you need to set the overwite parameter to “NSB.overwriteNever”.

  2. If you set it to any of the other options (NSB.overwriteAlways, NSB.overwriteIfVersionDifferent, or NSB.overwriteIfVersionSame) each time the Application is restarted the Database will be initialized and overwrite the exisiting one.

Hope this helps anyone that is having similar issues with Initializing and persisiting an SQLite Database.

Kindest Regards,

Thank you for adding this.