AppStudio 8.5 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.5.0 has been released.

The major change is that AppStudio is now using the latest wxWidgets library for its UI. The whole environment looks subtly better.

There are also tons of minor improvements, updates and fixes.

One thing to look out for: there are changes to how SQLite works in native apps. Read “Breaking Changes” below.

Here is what is new and changed in 8.5:

  1. IDE: wxPython updated to 4.1.1. Uses wxWidgets 3.1. Tons of fixes and minor improvements, and it just looks better.
  2. BS4: Updated to 4.6
  3. BS4: Bootswatch themes updated to 4.6
  4. BS4: Input password now has option to toggle plain text on or off.
  5. BS4: Navs - fix .clear() and .addItem() functions
  6. BS4: Slider - Add .hide() and .show() functions
  7. Code Window: Improve function list to catch more JavaScript function formats.
  8. Code Window: Improved function name find.
  9. IDE: MacOS: control keys for copy and paste work in dialog windows.
  10. Demo: Do not allow Cordova Build.
  11. Deploy: Allow wasm files to be deployed.
  12. Deploy: Some redundant code eliminated - may be quicker
  13. Design Screen: Change “Add Component” to “Add Control”.
  14. Electron: Spaces are not allowed in Title
  15. Electron: Updated to 9.4.0. (electron-builder and npm also updated)
  16. IDE: Copyright is now 2021
  17. IDE: MacOS: control keys for copy and paste work in dialog windows.
  18. Installer: Windows signing certificate renewed.
  19. Navigo: Updated to 8.4.3. Used by BrowserArrows (see sample)
  20. Project Properties: Remove androidDname - replaced by VoltSigner
  21. Project Properties: Signing filenames default to VoltSigner’s values.
  22. Run Menu: Add “Get Signing Certificate with VoltSigner” .
  23. Run Menu: Change “Volt” to “Volt Server”.
  24. Samples: Change PhoneGap references to VoltBuilder.
  25. Samples: Volt Services is now called VoltServer.
  26. Samples: SQLSample1 updated.
  27. Samples: Some samples would not open due to a PWA_manifest problem.
  28. SQLite: SqlOpenDatabase now takes only 1 argument.
  29. SQLite: When running as a native app, the Cordova library is used instead of the browser’s.
  30. VoltBuilder: Default key names to be same as VoltSigner defaults.
  31. VoltBuilder: Remove reference to xmlns:gap in default config.xml
  32. VoltBuilder/Cordova: Main() is now called on deviceready event.
  33. VoltSigner: added to Run menu.

Breaking change : When running as a native app, the Cordova library is used instead of the browser’s. That means the database data will be saved in the file system and not in the browser’s sandbox. Please check where your app is saving the data: you may have to consider a migration strategy if you are affected. Please contact if you need help. The need for this changed comes from Safari changing support for WebSQL. This does NOT affect web apps.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site.

appstudio is not run after upgrade to v8.5. so i have to downgrade back to v8.42


I had the same problem. So I uninstalled AppStudio entirely and then installed 8.5. That worked.

thanks, it worked


I noticed a weird behavior with my project. I can’t open the global code section, either edit the global properties (the box on the right stays blank).

I opened the samples (BASIC and Javascript) and they were just fine. Then I uninstalled AppStudio, rebooted, reinstalled, and I still can’t see the global properties and edit global code/css.

Any ideas? I’m running on Windows 10.

@ricardo.carraretto Does this happen with just one project, or all projects?

I only have two and both present the same behavior. I reverted to 8.4.2 and it works as expected.

@ricardo.carraretto Could you zip one of the projects and send it to me directly? I’d like to see if the problem happens here as well.

Done! Fingers crossed here!

Thanks - I received the project. It does the same thing here. We’ll fix whatever is happening.

@ricardo.carraretto: Fixed in, which has been uploaded.

great, thanks! I’ll try it later on today.

Worked like a charm! Everything fine under so far.

Hi. I have issues with 8.5 and

The ‘About’ popup is not coming up and various forms are showing blank.
I had been running the previous latest version from November.


I’ve noticed that JQuery Select and footer controls cause forms not to display in the IDE… ( in
Even though when deployed they work fine …

@Neil_HNF: About not showing? Try doing a complete uninstall as above.

Sometimes Windows doesn’t delete all existing files on a new installation. We’ve made some major changes in AppStudio’s underlying libraries - you may be haunted by the old version.

@Neil_HNF: Are you talking about jQuery Mobile controls? jQM has not been updated by its authors in over 5 years. It’s no longer compatible with the current version of jquery.js. We deprecated this library some time ago, but leave it in the repo for people who are updating their software.

I’m aware of the fact that JQuery is becoming obsolete, but just curious as to why those 2 controls (e.g.) are causing the issue in the IDE in 8.5 when they are showing fine in 8.4.2…?

There are lots of moving parts here - there could be one of any of a number of different reasons.

In version 8.5.0 and in Win 10 it does not work in the menu
tools-> preferences