AppStudio 8: Dark Mode

AppStudio 8 brings Dark Mode support to your apps. To enable it, go into Project Properties and set backgroundColor to inherit.

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A colleague of mine and me joke about Dark Mode v.s. Light Mode.

I have found that people who like Dark Mode - are often younger people who don’t remember Dark Mode from - mainframe terminal days. :slight_smile:

In the olden days, everything was “Dark Mode” - a black screen with green or yellow monochrome, or, various colored characters. At my first job - at IBM - you Stepped Up when they let you trade a green monitor for a color monitor. :slight_smile:

Eventually, many of the people who logged all that time on those black screens learned that a color scheme closer to Paper is easier on the eyes. Thus a white/light background with dark characters.

So all you young whippersnappers with great eyes - enjoy Dark Mode. :slight_smile: