Appstudio 8 - Speed closing tabs in IDE

Dear Guys:

Appstudio 8 on Windows 10, i7 Processor 16gb ram.

Project has 11 forms loaded, when you close the tab relating to the form/code page it takes 1min15secs, status shows the following Creating index.html, add system files, Creating index.html, then Ready.

You can imagine how long it would take to close 10 out of the 11 forms open.

If you click to new tab to show form/code takes 35secs - status shows Creating index.html, then Ready.

If I want to open another project Appstudio 8 Crashes trying to open the project, this only happens if you had run the previous project Start in Desktop Browser.

I ideas on these speed issues, could it be look at in another version.

Thank you

Windows 10, AMD A10, 16g ram, AS 8.x. Pretty similar to your setup.

  1. I can chew up ram running VMware or running a Steam game and this will affect the speed of AS if I have a large project with a lot of code.

  2. There is something weird about “Start in Desktop Browser” on my computer. It disables the Refresh Deploy (F7). So I mostly test by deploying to my server and avoid F5. If I accidentally do F5 I then have to reboot AS to get back to using Refresh Deploy. I don’t think others have this problem so this may be something unique to my Windows 10.

  3. Regardless of 1) above, I keep my code to a minimum in forms and codefiles. When a codefile begins to take too long to assemble for a deploy I make a new code file. One of my apps currently has 13 code files and 19 forms with code. The more tabs I have opened the slower it gets switching between tabs. For this reason I choose View/Close Other Tabs frequently, which usually closes all tabs quickly, but not always (it’s still much faster than manually closing each one).

  4. Sometimes, for reasons I do not at this time know, the SDK goes crazy. None of the menu selections show anything except a blocked out white space where the drop down menu should be. I have found that if I select File and then press S the app gets saved. This prevents me from losing any code I recently entered. I can then exit AS and restart and all is good again. I cannot reproduce this problem consistently. If I could, AS would be the first to know. However, it appears to only happen if there are a lot of tabs opened, which is why I am mentioning this in this thread. Suggest again to keep opened tabs to a minimum.

  5. Twice (in the past year) the SDK has frozen and I had to task manager out. this again might have been caused by excessive tabs opened. Avoid killing the app this way if at all possible. I lost the entire app project and had to resort to a backup. I’m fanatical about making backups which has saved me a lot of grief.


I have similar issues.

With multiple tabs open, if I close the last tab the 2nd to last tab is not displayed and not selectable. I have to select the new 2nd to last tab (previously 3rd to last) then reselect the new last tab (previously 2nd to last)

I have a feeling we’re getting close on this one. What we need is something measurable and reproducible, so we can diagnose it.