AppStudio 8 Upgrades

Free Upgrades

If you have a current AppStudio Subscription or purchased after September 1, 2019, you are entitled to AppStudio 8 for no charge. We’ve sent emails to everyone. You have been updated in our database, so you should be ready to go.

Discounted Upgrades

If you’re not on the list for a free upgrade, you can still get a discount. From the About screen in AppStudio, click on the upgrade button. You’ll be taken to the order form, where you can order the upgrade for $69.95 (a new copy is $199.95). It includes 4 months of AppStudio subscription: after that, you’ll have a discounted subscription of $9.95 per month. (regularly $15.00).

You can also order it here:

Questions? Let us know:

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Thank you for your reply. I have purchased the upgrade option and will look forward to being a monthly subscriber.

Have a great day and thank you for a wonderful program. Can’t tell you how much your program means to me.

Rodney Wirtz


Set me up for 8. Let me know what I owe.


“If you choose One Time, there is no monthly fee, but you will not receive the extra features… Subsequent upgrades will be additional cost.”

If we choose the $99 upgrade option (no monthly fee), what “extra features” will we not receive?

The monthly subscription includes

  • Updates to new versions of AppStudio
  • Full Volt Essential services
  • App Hosting
  • User Management
  • Dashboard to manage your hosted apps

Is a Macintosh update coming? [Nevermind, I went to the NSB website and found it. There’s a bug in version When I “check for updates” under version it only shows an update available for Windows]

Will a 32bit Windows update be available? [The NSB website states that Win64 is needed so it looks like a 32bit version is history]

Some of the libraries we use are Windows 64 bit only. We can’t make a 32 bit version anymore.