AppStudio 9.0.5 released!

Thanks, @Neil_HNF. Looks like the problem happens if you try to use both methods (Cordova plugin and SQLite WASM) at the same time. Don’t do that.

We’ll see if we can make this more robust.

Not exactly! I wasn’t using the plugin and the library at the same time. The issues I had were when I only used the library…!

@Neil_HNF - Ok, thanks!

SQLExport and SQLImport are not yet implemented for SQLite WASM. We’re working on this now.

@jim - In the latest build of AppStudio, we made a change to the headers so SQLite WASM would work.

This uncovered a bug in the package manager you’re using (unpkg). That bug in unpkg is a longstanding one:


Since it doesn’t look like they will be fixing it soon, you have a couple of choices:

  1. Use the Deploy to Local Server option on the Run menu. This seems to work fine.
  2. Switch to another content delivery network. (Note that it’s been 3 years since unpkg has been updated - that’s a long time)

Thanks George.

Clever detective work. Local deploy is fine for my test purposes. I will look into changing the CDN as well.

Cheers, Jim

Hi again.

Not urgent, but I’m just trying all my previous applications that worked in for the run function “Start in Desktop Browser”. Not much luck with any that call on external web resources.

I am on Mac Sonoma 14.5, but that seems to be irrelevant, given that the old version of AppStudio running on the same platform creates a localhost server that allows these resources to load.

Maybe version creates a slightly different localhost server with increased security settings (only on Mac OS?) - which is fine if I knew how to allow for them.

Anyway here is another example of an app that loads Google Calendar under versus


Like I say, not urgent. Maybe there have been some valid COEP or CORP changes that apply more appropriate security constraints under the. localhost run?


The solution should be to use the Deploy to Local Folder in the Run menu.

Yes, the localhost server now has different security settings, necessitated by SQLite WASM.

Pity. That was a feature of AppStudio I liked for quick testing.