AppStudio 9 Beta testers needed

We’re looking for a few more beta testers for the next release.

You should be currently be an active user of AppStudio 8 and have time to do some testing and provide feedback to us.

Send us a direct message and we will let you know if you are in.

Thank you!

I would be happy to get in for testing.

Got a message from Poeditor as well. Würde auch gerne wieder die deutsche Übersetzung übernehmen
Bernd Sommer

Thank you / Vielen Dank!

Hi, I’m using v9.0.0.0b1 - the BS5 “select” control does not seem to have an option to change the default title text of “select” to anything else.

Thanks - we’ll fix this in the next build.

Hi, Here is another one.

For an input you used to be able to use input1.value but now that doesn’t work, it seems you have to use input1_contents.value so a lot of my logic I have used for my app no longer works.

Which Input control are you using?

Bootstrap 4 text input.

Found another issue: before using the beta version I could change the selected item of a BS select by select1.item = 2 but now nothing happens.

Note that the BS5 select1.item = 2 works - the same with a bs4 select no longer works.

All bs4 controls, inputs etc - the header title on the bs4 input control was bold, bs5 is not bold and there is no setting to change it unless in the header property I can just use <b>header</b>

Q: What is the difference between a bs5 “Input” and a bs5 “Input-Item” - both appear to be text boxes.?

Due to the above mentioned issues I am replacing the BS4 controls & inputs with BS5 as I have a demonstration of my (in-progress) app tomorrow but - the BS5 “Input” does not have a header or footer option in the Properties window. - Currently I’m going to use an BS5 “Input-group” then inside that put an Input and a Label, it works out OK but it’s a lot more work for the same outcome.

BS5 Input is missing the “Size” property in the Properties window. - To get over this I have to put the Input inside the new Input-group then add class “input-group-sm” to the input-group.

Property “leftText” is missing to BS5 inputs.
Property “Icon” and “IconTitle” is missing for BS5 Inputs
“Name” Attribute missing to BS5 inputs

Thank you for the feedback!

  1. We’ll fix Bootstrap 4 text input in the next build.

  2. We’ll fix BS4select1.item = 2 in the next build.

  3. BS5 has a different styling language than BS4. Changing the heading on Select from bold to regular is part of that.

  4. BS5’s Input is completely different than BS4. A BS5 Input can have one or more input-items. Best bet is to look at the samples to see how this works: the documentation is still in progress. It should be up to date in the next few days.

  5. BS5 is enough different that you can’t simply replace the controls. You also should not mix BS4 and BS5 in the same project.

  6. The fields you are missing in BS5 Input are on purpose. The Bootstrap team simplified the controls in BS5 so they are not as overloaded with functionality. You’ll need to create an Input-Group and use additional controls to fully replace the BS4 control