AppStudio corrupted

My pc seems to have corrupted my AppStudio. I deleted AS, reinstalled and doesn’t fix the problem. I cleared the registry keys, folders etc. Seemingly a clean slate but doesn’t fix the problem. Anyone had this and have a remedy? My next step is reset PC which I’d rather not.

What about defamentation, then download as and reinstall?

Hi Or a previous Windows rescue point(former state of working windows) to come to rescue… I am not sure whether win11 have this feature… Best rdgs, tst

You freakin’ legend. That worked perfectly, thank you. I did forget about that feature.

Great news! What exactly did you do?

I did a system restore prior to when I downloaded node.js to my pc. Seemingly some conflict there after downloading that. Thanks for the work you put in behind the scenes @ghenne . Thanks @tst for the tip