Appstudio Erased by Virus Protection

I just found out that my AppStudio was erased by virus protection:

Security Risk Found! Heur.AdvML.B in File: C:\Program Files (x86)\NSB AppStudio\AppStudio.exe by: Auto-Protect scan. Action: Cleaned by Deletion. Action Description: The file was deleted successfully.

I have no way of modifying the virus checker on my corporate computer. Is the latest version doing the same thing? or has something been changed to avoid that? I also have no way of checking what version I had.


Looks like I am out of luck :frowning:
The organization I work for does not allow us to mess with the anti-virus settings. End of the road for me.
Thanks for all your help, you have a great product, I hope the SQLite issues get resolved.

  1. Keep trying. These filters are heuristic - they will let things through after a while.
  2. Send them an email asking them to review their virus check