AppStudio.exe has stopped working error

I bought a new hp core i3 laptop and installed AppStudio latest version with valid registration . But older apps which I created are not opening in this system . I can’t create new apps though . Every time “AppStudio.exe has stopped working” message occurs !

We do not have other reports of this. Can you send me a screenshot of your About screen?

Attached screenShot

Wow - it’s mostly blank. Anything show up on View Log?

view log button click shows nothing . Log message on OpenLogFolder shows thisappstudio.log (62.1 KB)

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Thanks for sending the log file. I had a look at it and it doesn’t give any clues.

Let’s remove the registry entry:

  1. Start RegEdit (Windows Start button, enter regedit)
  2. Find HCU\Software\NSBasic\App Studio.
  3. Delete it.
  4. Restart AppStudio and enter your serial number again.

It was a peculiar problem I ever faced . How ever It is working now after updating windows and installing AppStudio again .