AppStudio.exe not starting

today I downloaded and installed AppStudio.exe on fresh Windows 10 pro.
when click on NSB AppStudio icon the application not start

no error message, nothing in event viewer
I tried Run as admin, same problem.

Can you try uninstalling, then installing again?

uninstall / install , woks :slightly_smiling_face:
Windows 10 sometimes acts as an old tv (hit to fix)

I had the same problem in a fresh Win7 VM. Only after installing AppStudio 7 and then AppStudio8 it worked. Forgot to report…

not working again, after remove and reinstall it worked once but today it is not

I’ll uninstall it it and try to install older version to check

uninstall new version then install old version (4.2), old version worked.
uninstall old version then install version , new version worked, magic