AppStudio on Mac launching FireFox, not default browser


When I’m trying to test locally on my Mac by clicking ‘Start in Desktop Browser’, instead of launching my default browser, Safari, it launches FireFox, which is not what I want.
How can I change the browser that it launches, or reset it so it does use the system default?
[EDIT: just to add, if I have Chrome running, it will open a new window/tab in Chrome. However, I have Safari running & it doesn’t do anything there…]


Can you right click on an html files and do “Get Info”? What shows up under “Open with:”?


It says
Safari (default)
as I would have expected :wink:


I’m guessing that Mac OS is doing something to “help” you here.

I would try uninstalling FF, running an app from AppStudio to see what browser it uses, then install FF again.