AppStudio, PhoneGap and Electron

There’s a new post on our blog which explains how these things fit together:

Feel free to post questions here!

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Nice work, I’m excited to try out the possibilities with electron.

One area I have a concern for it Phonegap Build. Things seem to have slowed down considerably with getting updates on new versions of phonegap/cordova on build. I worry that Adobe will drop Build at some point. Cordova command line is still an option, but a lot more work, and Cordova itself isn’t exactly on fire these days.

Any thoughts/insights? Any possible alternatives to cordova/phonegap to build Android/iOS apps from NSB?


We share your concerns here as well. At the moment, PhoneGap Build is working fine, so there is no immediate panic.

PhoneGap Build is so widely used that if it were shut down, a replacement would soon appear. There’s nothing that they do which could not be duplicated.