AppStudio Requires CSP unsafe-eval with DataTables

When adding a datatable thru the IDE to a project, the following code is added to the index.html:, 'DataTable_bs4');
     data: data,
     info: false,
     lengthChange: true,
     lengthMenu: [5, 10, 25],
     ordering: true,
     paging: true,
     scrollY: '200px',
     scrollCollapse: true,
     searching: true,
     columns: columns

The final statement has an eval in it, plus it is not an anonymous function call. Both of these issues if you are specifying CSP require the script-src of ‘unsafe-eval’.

Unsafe-eval is highly recommended to be avoided at all costs. It is a major security risk. If unsafe-eval is specified, most of the benefits of CSP are nullified. It’s titled unsafe for a reason.

My suggestion: change this settimeout calls to be anonymous function calls.

Good suggestion - Issue opened.