AppStudio very, very slow to load code form

Hi, I have particular code form with many functions within it and it takes ages load this particular form, 10 minutes or so, some times longer and keeps “Not responding”.

Is there any thing within AppStudio settings I can change to speed it up.

I’m running AppStudio on Windows 10 with an i5 processor. When I check my laptop Task Manger I have plenty of resources available.

In the end I ended up splitting each function in to a separate code file.

How many lines of code did you have in the module before you broke it up?

Is it in JavaScript or BASIC?

I find if there are more than a few hundred lines of code in a module (or less!) it’s much easier to keep my sanity. There’s no performance penalty for having a bunch of modules.

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Hi , each function has 1725 lines of code (including white space) in basic, and there were 8 functions so In total aprox 13800 lines.

Now that I have split each function in to its own code file its much easier to work with.

If there is a change at any point in the code, the BASIC for entire module needs to be translated again. That’s time consuming, especially with almost 14,000 lines of code. Breaking it up means only 1/8 as much code needs translation.

Yes thank you, it loads much quicker now.