Are there any issues with MacOS 12 Monterey?


The last time I upgraded my MacBook it caused issues with AppStudio (we couldn’t select the elements in the design page) which, thankfully, were quickly fixed.

My Mac now wants to upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey, but I can’t afford to do so and then find out that AppStudio doesn’t work or has issues.

Can anyone please confirm that there are no issues with AppStudio when upgrading to macOS Monterey?


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We haven’t tested it here yet, but it would be good to be cautious.

Thanks for that.

To be honest, I was hoping, seeing as it’s your app and you’d want to ensure it works, that you may have tested it yourselves, you know, to perhaps proactively fix it if it doesn’t? :laughing:

We had to free up a machine in the lab here. Everything works fine on Monterey so far!

Brilliant, thanks so much for that, really appreciate it!

I’ll now allow my Mac to update and stop nagging me about it. :grin: