Ask about photogallery

how to fill photogallery with multiimage by BASIC code

Did you see the PhotoGallery sample?

You need to put the list of filenames into the ‘photos’ property.


I put them in pohtos peoperty like this 1.jpg,2.jpg… and I put my photos in application folder but they arn’t shown by desktop browser

في الأحد، 28 تشرين الأول 2018 2:18 م احمد مكيد القناة الرسمية كتب:

What error messages appear in the Chrome Console?

There is no error msg…but where do I put the images files? maybe in application folder?

في الثلاثاء، 30 تشرين الأول 2018 2:23 م George Henne كتب:

Are you looking in the Chrome Console for error messages? It’s in Chrome’s Developer Tools.

What shows up in the Sources tab? Here is what appears for the PhotoGallery sample. Notice the image file names?

The images from 1-6 are uploaded from server or local pc?

في الأربعاء، 7 تشرين الثاني 2018 9:10 م George Henne كتب:

Originally, they are on the server. When the app is loaded, they are copied to the device so they are available in case the server cannot be reached.