Auto update of apps

Auto updates of apps in IOS are not happening after updating to new version of AppStudio . Android does it . Any thing to be changed in settings ?

I assume by new version you mean AppStudio 7.4. It implements Progressive Web Apps, which check if there is a new version and loads it if needed.

Apple has provided very little (if any) documentation on its PWA implementation. They have not explained to anyone when Safari checks if there is a new build.

Here’s a recent presentation from an expert on PWAs:

Check out starting at 15:30 in the speech. “Apple, shame on you!”

Is it the whole app or just code.js not updating? I was having a lot of problems with code.js not updating but the forms, index.html etc were. So far haven’t had the issue with PWAs.

You can force the app to update by clearing the cache in Safari.

Go to: Settings, Safari, “Clear History and Website Data”

The app will eventually update on its own, though it may take several hours.