Backslash, twice

Const Lab1 = “/Hütten Unser\ (Schweiz)”

MsgBox(Lab1): /Hütten Unser\ (Schweiz)
Well actually I see \ \ , but not here? (see attachment).
Who’s to blame? Any other chars where this might happen?

The text show is rendered as HTML, so the back slash has special meaning.

Try this:

Lab1 = "/Hütten Unser\ (Schweiz)"

\ is the HTML entity for backslash.

still confused, see attachment.

Label1.textContent = Lab1

and now it works with single “”, didn’t make any change or update.

textContent sets the value as text - so gets treated as text.

The MsgBox displays its content as HTML - so the HTML entity is processed turned into a backslash.