Barcode Scanner Variable

I am using this barcode scanner plugin to scan barcodes on medication vials.
I’d like to use the information from the scan to make an if…then statement.
if the scan’s number = the correct product’s ndc number then, the correct product was chosen.

Now, referring to the scan’s number, what is that variable called and where do i find it?
I don’t see anything obvious in the code for the PhoneGapBarcode.

Have a look at this code:

Function successCallback(result)
  MsgBox "Scanned: Result: " & result.text & " Format: " & result.format
End Function

It should be in result.text.

I tried that previously, but it did not seem to work.
I named a variable for each medication called ‘NDC’ then tried to compare that to ‘result.text’.
Perhaps where I am putting the if…then is the problem?

Sorry, I am trying a fix, but can’t get VoltBuilder to build.
I am NOT running the latest version of AppStudio, not sure if that could be the problem.
(I’d update and try, but the wifi where I am is blocking an update…)

You have to use the latest AppStudio.