Basic code to put an input in a grid cell

I use this code to put an input directly in to a common grid cell.
Just put this here as someone may want this for themselves.

Function Grid1_onclick(event)
  s = Split(, "_")
  ssRow = Int(s[1])
  ssCol = Int(s[2])
  If Not (ssRow + 1) > 0 Then Exit Function 'this traps touches on cell border
  console.log("Grid1_onclick(" & & ")")
  If ssRow = ssRowSelected And ssCol = ssColSelected And InputVisible = False Then
      v = Grid1.getValue(ssRow,ssCol)
      If v = " " Then v = ""   
      Grid1.setValue(ssRow,ssCol,"<input onfocus='' style='width:106px; left:-8px; top:0px; height:43px; font-size:19px;' type='" & i & "' id='CellInput'>") 'left = -8 as I have a 8px padding on the cells
      cell = document.getElementById("CellInput")
      cell.value = v
      cell.focus() 'selects any value in the input, because of 'onfocus=''', so user can just start typing a new value. Like a placeholder.
      InputVisible = True
  End If
End Function

Function cellchanged()
  v = cell.value
  If Len(v) < 1 Or v = 0 Then Grid1.setValue(ssRowSelected,ssColSelected,"&nbsp;")
  InputVisible = False
End Function