Basic or JavaScript

Which would be the best all around development base for AppStudio created web, android and ios app: Basic or JavaScript? I’m in the lucky position to decide now on one or the other for a new app. I’m unbiased, but leaning toward JavaScript, as there appears to be more examples in JavaScript for 3rd APIs, like AWS services. Suggestions ?

After some thought, here is my reasoning for JavaScript over Basic.

The basic is compiled into JavaScript. We’re depending on AppStudio to do that correctly. For example, the intellisense of Basic will change a JSON structure whose data element is named .text to .Text. If you needed .text, you can’t get it in Basic. The error will elude you if you don’t notice the intellisense capped it. The JavaScript is not compiled, just copied as is, so you have full control over the resulting program.

When you “debug” a program in chrome console, etc., it’s JavaScript. So you need to be highly familiar with it as well as basic and the conversion between them. Also, it would be nice if the code you wrote was what you saw in the debugger. Again, this dictates JavaScript.

And the examples for NSBasic are not massive (understandably). Many, many generic JavaScript examples do exist and can be easily incorporated into NSB JavaScript.

I think I’ve made my decision. But any other input is welcome.


I’d go with JavaScript 100% on any new project. The learning curve to replace BASIC is not bad - and it can do so much more.