Binary not edit

When I open one of my applications, I get the following:

I can’t go any further. I can still run the app on the desktop or a device but cannot use the command buttons. I only get a blue shadow background around the control when I click it. My other apps seem to be ok. Any advice would be appreciated.

What do you have selected in the Project Explorer? If it’s something like an image, you won’t be able to edit it in the Code Window.

I uninstalled and re-installed A/S. There are only my forms, etc. in Project Explorer but nothing selected. I can now get code in the code window but cannot click any command buttons when I run it. Apparently none of my sub routines are defined according to the chrome debugger but don’t understand why not. It didn’t use to be this way.


Send me your project, along with steps to reproduce it.

You shouldn’t have to reinstall AppStudio.