Blank form that worked yesterday

I have had two unexplained problems with NS basic now. I posted the first on the Forum, where an entire form disappeared and became invisible.

I deleted the controls from the form, and then recreated them and it worked fine. All the code was present the entire time, and i kept it unchanged, and created new controls with all the same names as before and it works fine.

Now a different form has disappeared. It is gone in the desktop deployment as well as the Volt deployment to my iPhone. When i switch from the main form to the 2nd form, i just see a blank white screen, and no way to return to the first form.

No errors occur that i can see in the chrome debugger.

There is almost always a reason in your program for things like this happening.

Looking at your app, I think I see it. You’re using a similar name for two different things. You’ve got setup, a button, as well as Setup. (Since case is significant, they are two different things).

When the user clicks on the setup button, you do this:

ChangeForm(setup, "fade", "fade", 500)

Can you see the problem?

It’s because of this that many developers use Hungarian Notation to name objects. For example, if you used btnSetup for the button and frmSetup for the form name, this error would be tougher to make.

I see it now. I guess i must have made some source code change between when it worked and didn’t work. I used the Hungarian notation on a lot of my naming, but didn’t get that one. Do you think it would be possible to have the compiler flag issues like this instead of having no debugger errors and the output disappearing? i have used other compilers and languages where things like this are flagged, and forcing declaration of all variables and names prevents such things as well. Thank you for your time and assistance!