Blinking spinning cursor of death

I made a typo setting some Grid cellstyle properties and in the IDE my cursor is stuck as a blinking “spinning circle” and just keeps blinking (forever) and I can no longer edit anything in my project.

Anyone know how to kill this so I can recover? I’ve closed AppStudio and even rebooted my pc, but when the project opens again it returns to a blinking cursor.

Had to move on in life and found I could kill it if I deleted the grid control. Looks like I’ll need to be extra careful with “cellstyle” to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

George and team: I’m pretty sure that things shouldn’t crater because of making a typo, so I posted this just in case you haven’t seen it before.

We do what we can, but the number of unintended consequences from typos is virtually infinite.

What was the precise typo?

I added:



Where, exactly, did you have this? What was the correct syntax?

Without context, that could be OK.

For a grid I had the following under the cellstyle property:


When I added align:center; to the end it caused the issue. I just tried to reproduce the error after fixing my project last night by deleting then reinstalling the grid control, and I can’t reproduce the issue.

The grid control was part of a .nsx app that I upgraded to .project. The app also used JQuery (which I got rid of), so I wonder if there was just a bit of a bug in the conversion.