Bold Labels Not Working

Suddenly, all my labels that were bold are now displayed as normal fontWeight in the form designer. They also appear as normal fontWeight when I run the app in Chrome, but when they run on my iPhone they are properly Bold. (If i change my fontWeight for a label, it has no effect on what is displayed in the form designer). The properties for them still say Bold even though they are displaying as normal in the form designer. Because they are displaying correctly on my iPhone I assume it must be a setting on my Windows development computer. Any ideas?

What happens if you start a new project with a Label control?

A new project does the same thing – the fontWeight has no effect on the label in the screen designer.

Does the problem happen once you deploy?

If you then run the deployed app on another computer, does it have the problem?

The deployed app has the same problem (non-bold labels) on my development computer, but when I run it on my wife’s computer the labels are bold.

I also noticed if I change the fontFamily to something other than the blank default, bold does work.

If you do not specify a font, the default is used:

font-family:-apple-system, '.SFNSText-Regular', 'San Francisco', 'Roboto', 'Segoe UI', 'Helvetica Neue'

There may be something in your browser which is affecting how the font is rendered. It doesn’t sound like an AppStudio issue.

I thought it might be a system setting so I restored my machine to a previous restore point, but thar didn’t help. It must be more than a browser setting though, because the form designer in appstudio also behaves that way. I think you’re right though, it’s not an appstudio problem.