Bootstrap 4 Navs

I have some comments/queries re the Bootstrap 4 Navs, using AppStudio 7.0.2. Some may be Boostrap related, some AppStudio:

  1. The only way I can get the tabs to appear selected/deslected is to add and remove the active class from the appropriate tab. Is this the intention? The sample app does not indicate so.

  2. At runtime, if the first tab is selected the value of Navs1.value is 0, but for all other tabs the value is -1.

  3. When running on a Android or iOS device, clicking and holding a tab for a short time brings up a long system context menu, even if user select:none; is added to the style. When running in a desktop chrome browser, hovering over a tab causes an IP address(?) to be displayed in a pop-up at bottom of the browser.
    Can these be turned off?

  1. Do you want to set the selected at design time or at runtime?

  2. We’ll need to investigate this.

  3. On the desktop, that’s how Chrome works. If you click and hold over any link, the URL it points to will display. The items in a Navs control are HTML links.

  1. I was expecting to click on a tab at run time and have it look ‘selected’. This seems to happen automatically with Bootstrap 3 Tabs but not Bootstrap 4 Navs.

  2. OK

  3. I appreciate that clicking and holding controls with desktop Chrome will display a link menu, but I am just hovering over the tab without clicking. Again, this does not happen with Tabs. What about the context menu appearing when running on a device - is this inevitable?